Alexa, ask my
assistant to
"Tell the

Alexa does the work...
You just answer your phone

What special events would I use this for?

Just Listed, Just Sold, Open House, Under Contract, or any Geocentric Event

Other Questions:

Wait... so what does
"Tell the Neighborhood" do?

Tell the Neighborhood notifies homes in the neighborhood about your current event like a “Just Listed”, “Just Sold”, “Open House” or “Under Contract”.

Tell the Neighborhood will send a recorded voice message to the homes around your special event that you record within seconds of speaking.

How often should I use
"Tell the Neighborhood"?

When you first go to seed the area, when you have the "special event", or after the "special event".


  1. Find the form at the bottom of this page.
  2. Enter your Cell Phone Number.
  3. Enter your MLS Email Address.
  4. Click the "Sign-Up Now!" button.
  5. For Security and Authentication enter the code you recieve from us sent to your text messages.
  6. Verify your information on the landing page pop up screen.
  7. Click "Login with Amazon" using your Amazon Username and Password.
  8. Check Email from Amazon and click the link in email.
  9. Once you get to Amazon's "Get Started Page", Download the Alexa App from the app store.
  10. Open the Alexa App.
  11. Tap the Alexa Button and say "Ask my Assistant to Tell the Neighborhood".
  12. Allow Alexa to guide.

How much is this actually going to cost me?

The first 250 homes are completely FREE. After that, it's $0.11 per home with an additional base fee of $3.99 a month for Amazon overhead costs.

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